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Stories from Our Grandmothers' Basket

How magical it is to hear "once upon a time...." as the story weaves in fantasy, wonderment, superb characters, their journeys, drama and most importantly, comfort!  And when these stories are pulled from a "basket," and shared by our grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, or another relative, they become that much more special. In these uncertain times, the comforting power of an incredible story deepens our connection with our families, friends and community.


In that spirit, Ashland is United is inviting you to gather around – albeit online – and share inspiring stories from your “ Grandmother's Basket.” Socially distant as we are, this project offers an opportunity to stay connected with each other and remind us of the community of which we are all a part.


We are looking for contributions that help us navigate through difficult times and that say something about your culture or that have been handed down through oral traditions. You can share a fable or folk tale or a poem. Or it can be a short piece on a memory of someone or an event or even a family heirloom that provides comfort and brings people together. Submissions can be either written or videotaped. Written stories should be no more than two pages, videos no longer than 3-4 minutes. We welcome submissions from all Ashland community members – residents or employees.  Please credit yourself if you are the author and mention the original reference in case you are adapting it. 


Every few days, we will upload a story onto this website and post it on our Facebook page.


We look forward to bringing our community together, even while we stay physically apart.


Contact us at for any questions.

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Bedtime Story
Tonya Yaskovich
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