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We currently are a steering committee of 4 residents with 2 liaison members from the Ashland Public Schools and Town Hall. We are looking for additional members to help us plan and execute community events to help move our mission forward.

Through the pandemic we are meeting more often than usual. Depending on tasks on hand, we meet once a week to once a fortnight. Usually meetings are held via Zoom on Wednesdays at 9 am.

If joining our committee isn't feasible but you would still like to help, please email us to join our list of "on call" helpers for events.


Make a Pledge



We know that our strength comes from our unity and our interconnectedness. We know when we stand together against hate and intolerance that everyone in our community is safer.  We know that we must work actively to make sure that everyone in our community knows what is acceptable and what is not.  


We pledge to work together in Ashland and beyond, to promote an inclusive and respectful community.  We believe in the inherent value of all and we will take direct actions to actively foster the physical, mental and emotional well-being of all members of our community.


As concerned Ashland residents and leaders, we hereby affirm that:

  • We are a caring and supportive community where all are WELCOME and equal.

  • We will STAND UP as allies for our fellow residents should we witness words or acts of intolerance.  

  • We will MODEL acceptance and kindness for our children.

  • We will commit to LEARN more about those with traditions or backgrounds different than our own.

let us know how you can help
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