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This is Ashland: Raise Your Flag!

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This project  celebrates the cultural mosaic and ever-changing demographics of our town. Utilizing data available about residents and ethnicities, this project will recognize nations through flags and follow-up attendant events such as film screenings, moderated conversations, picnics, and other public events in Town. 

Flags undeniably symbolize unity, nationhood, solidarity and community. They can provide a rallying point for cultural discussions. Scanning our Ashland community currently, the number of flags that might be represented are – Australia, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Uganda, Korea, China, Vietnam, India, Italy, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, UK, USA. 


We envision commemorating flags from many countries while also providing engagement with specific populations from those countries through activities that allow deeper dive into their culture, music, art, conversations on immigrant journeys, public gathering in parks, exhibits, sharing food and so on. There may be other ideas such as a film screening, or other resident/s-led events.


What you might want to do:

To schedule an event that may include flag raising and/or activity, residents will apply by using a form Write us: and we will send it to you. Once submitted it will be reviewed by the Town. Publicity materials and information regarding the event will be shared widely with the public. Individuals will supply the Town of Ashland with a flag (country specific); in some cases the Town will make an exception. Residents may request:

  1. Raise flag or

  2. Offer programming around a country (panel, film screening, cooking food, photo exhibit, performance etc.)

  3. Do both (raise flag and offer programming)


AiU will assist the Town of Ashland in reviewing applications to determine if it meets all the criteria related to the project specifically:

  1. That it represents a national flag

  2. The event focuses on a particular nation

  3. Celebrations are held in the town of Ashland

  4. Led by Ashland residents

  5. Can be in partnership with two or more groups from Ashland (Schools, community group)


AiU will also offer to help with ideas that residents bring in to celebrate national days. Other tasks such as moderating discussion or facilitating conversations after screening a film may be undertaken by AIU, if required.


Applications that support religious days and events are not supported by this project.

To view our Ukraine Day celebrations click here.  We acknowledged Sri Lanka Day in February 2023. A couple of pictures are viewable here.

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