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Guiding Principles and History

    As concerned Ashland residents and leaders, we hereby affirm that:

  • We are a caring and supportive community where all are WELCOME and equal. 

  • We will STAND UP as allies for our fellow residents should we witness words or acts of intolerance. 

  • We will MODEL acceptance and kindness for our children. 

  • We will commit to LEARN more about those with traditions or backgrounds different than our own.*


Abstract City Lights

Response to Anti-Semitic


Abstract City Lights

Creation of AiU

Volunteer residents, representatives of Town Hall, Schools, Police

Abstract City Lights

Public Statement Issued

Signed by more than 200 citizens, businesses and community organizations*

Abstract City Lights

Advocate for Inclusivity

Advocated for the Pride Flag at the Town Hall to celebrate Pride month (2018)

Abstract City Lights

Courageous Conversations

A public gathering to bring residents and town and state officials together

Abstract City Lights

AiU as an Ally

#Standup Ashland 2021

Juneteenth 2021

A Sampling of our activities

Temple Candles

Diwali workshop in Ashland Public Library


Breaking Bread and Baking Bread together


Screening of "Won't you be my neighbor"


Tea Leaves

Teas from Around the World


CultureFest at

The Corner Spot


Cup of Coffee

Coffee drop-ins

2020, 2021


Illuminate Ashland

2018, 2019, 2020


Walk and Talk


AiU lawn sign photo.png
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